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Create productive workplaces with relaxed office furniture designs

With a new financial year comes the excuse for new beginnings. So why not begin by redesigning your office space; a small change in furniture can make a big difference. A ‘relaxed’ office is.

Promoting mindfulness in the workplace

A recent 2018 UK workplace stress survey found that 91% of British workers have experienced stress at work, with one in three affected by it at least once a week. Research has also shown.

5 building blocks of a happy office

The modern office and the way we work in the 21st Century has drastically changed. Now more than ever we are seeing a focus being placed on creating office design to facilitate employee.

Choose a sit/stand desk - it's a no brainer

Sit/stand desks have been finding their way into an increasing amount of offices in recent years, however, they still don’t have the presence they should. What is discouraging many employers.

Picking the right office chair for you

Choosing an office chair can be daunting for the employer and for the home office customer. For the employer of many staff it’s important to choose a chair that can be dynamic and adaptable.

How to design and organise your office layout effectively

There is much more to designing your office layout than just ensuring that every member of your team has a desk, chair and a set of drawers, and companies should be seeking specialist advice.

75% of work staff cannot adjust their office chair

Just a few months after launching the C.A.P.S campaign, which endeavours to promote the importance of circulation, activity, posture and support, ergonomic seating and desk designers Century.

Sit/stand desk and why your staff should have them

Millions of people worldwide sit at a desk all day, and over recent years this has led to the increase of physical inactivity in the workplace- now described as ‘sitting disease’. Long.

Improving today's workplaces: Brighter offices mean brighter staff

Whilst many of us will probably never work in offices the likes of those occupied by giants Google or Innocent Drinks, there is no reason why most of us should have to work in dark and dingy.

8 things to look out for when choosing an office chair

Selecting the right office chair is vital, particularly as more and more of us spend increased amounts of time at our desks. We often spend even more time in our office chair than we do our.